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Climb to the top of Search Engines

Marketing your project and making sure it ranks high in search engines is one of the most important tasks every business owner should focus on.

StartupBlinkthe global startup map and research center, has developed a cost-effective Marketing Package that focuses on getting your project visibility to the next level and making sure more potential buyers get exposed to it.

The StartupBlink Marketing Blast benefits include high power white hat links to your project, exclusive article (do-follow links) on our high traffic blog, cross marketing on our global map, and promotion on various social media channels, newsletter and webinars. 

How does it work?

 We will contact you by email to make sure you receive all your Marketing Blast benefits. Map reated benefits will be supplied within two business days and optional call with StartupBlink's CEO will be arranged to make sure you're getting the most out of the program.

Fill in the form below. After payment you will be forwarded to 2 additional forms that you can fill in at any time and will allow us to immediately set up the Magazine article&SEO directory submissions.

SEO Submissions and your article will be ready within 10 business days after filling in the information forms. Our support team will be available during the process to answer any questions you might have. Additional benefits to be rolled out for clients will be communicated during the year. 

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One time payment of $280. Annual benefits can be renewed at discounted price at a later state.


Evgeniya Slinko, CEO & Founder, Eventify Life

The StartupBlink team is working hard to create an online ecosystem that is tightly connected with the offline world, helping me as a startup founder to increase visibility among other founders, potential investors, and the press. I also love that they have a much more personal connection with their Marketing Blast members. 

Life Time Benefits

Your Google rankings matter, and securing external links is the most effective way to improve them! Let our experts submit your project link and description to 100 high-quality startup & business directories.

SEO Boost

1) Your project details will be featured on the top of StartupBlink's map on rotation (see above).

2 Your project will receive an additional "Ad box" with a customized message. Example Here. 

3) Validated icon and a personal Review on your project page + Appearance in our Sponsor page.

Cross-channel Annual Map Feature

Nothing beats great content! We will publish an article about you and your project (including do-follow link) on StartupBlink's high traffic Magazine (Domain Authority 44, featured by CNN, Forbes and Business Insider)

Exclusive Interview

We work together

StartupBlink CEO Eli David will be available for a 45-minute consulting call with you. These calls focus on ways to better customize your marketing benefits, general strategy&marketing advice, and discussion on potential partnership. 

More Benefits

Valuable Connections

It's hard to get noticed by the press or raise money. Let us do some work for you by featuring your project in newsletters sent to our registered Tech Reporters and Investors.

Social Media Promotion

Don't have many followers? Get introduced to ours! Your project will be featured every 3 months (for 12 months) in our:
Newsletters  +30,000 entrepreneurs
Twitter  +6,000 followers
Closed Startup Facebook group +2,000 members.

Join the Startupblink Marketing Blast

Our one-time fee of $280 (paid upon signup) can be paid via PayPal or Credit card. 

Sign up for the Startupblink Marketing Blast

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Community Benefits

It's hard to get noticed by the press or raise money. Let us do some work for you by featuring your project in newsletters sent to our registered Tech Reporters and Investors.

Do you have a mentor with business experience to help you make the right decisions? StartupBlink's CEO Eli David,  an International startup speaker and consultant, will conduct a 45-minute consulting call with you every 3 months to discuss topics such as reaching product market fit, getting investors, and much more.

StartupBlink was built with one goal in mind: helping entrepreneurs grow their business and increase their chances of survival. Building a startup is tough, and we would like to support you in this fight! As a founder, you will spend your time and resources testing uncertain assumptions, mostly on your own, while trying to get the word out about your project. Consider StartupBlink as your partner, as we constantly develop more tools to help your business succeed.

Join the Startupblink Inner Circle

Your StartupBlink Inner circle Membership is less than $1 a day and will never increase! Our discounted monthly fee of $28 (paid every 3 months) can be paid via PayPal or Credit card and canceled at any time.

Sign up for the Startupblink Marketing Blast

One time payment of $280. 

Local Presence in Startup Communities

StartupBlink has 70+ startup networking groups around the world.

SEO and Cross-channel marketing for your project

SEO Links, Exclusive Article, Featured listing, Podcast and webinar features, Sponsorship and much more.

Global Exposure

Our Global Startup Ranking Report is constantly featured by global media and downloaded by governments and Universities. Your project will get acknowledged as a sponsor in the Report. You'll also be invited to pitch your startup on an annual global Webinar. Selected projects will also be interviewed for the StartupBlink Podcast. 

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About Startupblink

StartupBlink is a global startup ecosystem map with tens of thousands of registered startups, coworking spaces, accelerators, reporters, investors and much more! We now have more than 70 Active Meetup Chapters around the world, with over 23,000 members that hold monthly networking events for startups. We are also publishing the world's most comprehensive "Ecosystem Ranking" measuring startup activity in over 100 countries and 900 cities. Our ecosystem map and Ranking Index were featured in media outlets such as CNN, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

As a founder, you will spend most of your time and resources building a high value service or product. StartupBlink Marketing Blast is here to make sure your service ranks high on search engines and gets the attention it deserves.

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For one year, your project will be featured as a sponsor of your city's chapter (see above), appear in your group description (do-follow link from Meetup.com) and receive priority to pitch your project in monthly networking gatherings. 

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Worth $160

Worth $170

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Total cost $870, but you'll only pay $280 (75% off)

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Annual Benefits

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