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City Rankings: This is the first time that hundreds of cities have been ranked on the basis of their startup ecosystem activity level! 

Country Rankings: In this section, you’ll see the world's most comprehensive ranking of countries based on their startup ecosystem strength. We will also go into focused analysis of most of the countries included in the report.

Methodology: Full explanation about our methodology and ranking algorithm including internal and external sources used to generate this ranking. 

If you’re looking for an even wider range of startup rankings, as per country and city, simply head to You can see thousands of cities and countries on our map, ranked according to their startup potential. Play around with the data, see the leading startup cities in your country and make a customised report for yourself!

What's inside the report:

StartupBlink is a combination of a technological platform in the form of a startup ecosystem map of tens of thousands of registered users including Startups, Coworking spaces, Accelerators, and Investors. We are also nurturing local startup communities around the world with more than 70 chapters that were established in dozens of countries.

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Canada's Minister of Science

Guy Kawasaki

  The Duke of York

StartupBlink, is a leading startup platform and research center. We are releasing the world's most comprehensive index of ecosystem rankings and keep on upgrading our research capabilities. Our goal is to promote startup ecosystem growth around the world by featuring smaller ecosystem that are usually not covered by the press and other research organizations. We have created the World's first index of ranking for more than 100 countries and plan to keep on upgrading the rankings as more data is accumulated on the map.

Our 2017 Report was the first ever to rank more than 120 countries and 900 cities around the world. The report was downloaded by thousands of decision-makers around the world, mentioned by top government officials, and received dozens of mentions in global and national press.

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